What is AFK Culture?

AFK Culture is a brand that celebrates who you are no matter the setting.  We are a fashion conscious, geek owned, pop culture company that encourages you to take your fandoms with you when you go "AFK" (for all you noobs, that stands for Away From Keyboard).   

What makes AFK Culture different from other pop culture brands?

We strive to offer pop culture products that are fashion forward while remaining completely geek-centric.  We want to be the brand for everyone, and yes we know that's asking a lot.  AFK Culture is for the proud nerds, the closet geeks and everyone in between.

What's Your Shipping Policy?

We process everything as soon as we can. Give us 1-7 business days, just to be safe.  

Domestic -

We ship USPS First Class Mail (w/ tracking) so you get your order as soon as possible. Usually it's within 3 days of shipment.

Internationally -

Shipped through USPS. Please allow up to 2 weeks. 


Returns/Exchanges/Wrong Size

Pins and shirts may be exchanged if damaged with in 14 days.  
All sticker sales are final.  

At this time we are unable to offer returns, but we still love you.

Please use our sizing chart before submitting an order: